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Silent conference with three simultaneous presentations

How it works

1. Choose Your Style of Silent Conference

Silent Theatre

Silent theatre

Silent theatres create a fully immersive environment for your delegates by removing audio distractions. Allow delegates to engage without distracting other delegates watching the presentation. Noise restrictions will no longer be a problem. An example use case is a theatre setup in an exhibition hall where delegates can watch the presentation in the theatre and listen to it exclusively, without the presenter disturbing delegates having conversations in other parts of the exhibition.

Silent Breakouts

Silent breakouts

Silent breakouts allow you to arrange multiple speakers to give parallel presentations in the same room. Delegates can switch between speakers instantly while removing noise interference from the other speakers. Give delegates the power to tune into speakers they want and content they're interested in. An example use case is a CEO who presents to all staff at the first session of the event, with Finance director, Marketing director and Operations director all presenting straight after and all at once. The audience just listens to their audio channel of interest.

Speed Dating

Speed dating

Speed dating allows delegates to network and connect with many prospective presenters quickly, just like normal speed dating. Each presenter will have a station with a screen, microphone, and a dedicated channel, allowing delegates to tune directly into their presentation for an immersed discussion while cutting out annoying background noise. Both ends will enjoy undivided attention when asking and answering questions.

Silent Tours

Silent tours

Silent tours allow multiple tours to be run in the same space at the same time without audio distraction, background noise and allows delegates to experience the tour fully immersed and at their own pace. Allow more delegates to experience your event and leave a much deeper impression on them.

2. Tell us your needs

  • How many silent audio channels you would like?

  • How many delegates will be listening to silent headsets?

  • How big is your silent event space?

3. We take care of the rest!

  • We will work with you to find the best solution for your event

  • Each delegate will receive a set of silent headphones and a receiver, so that they can listen to the desired audio track

  • Delegates can switch between audio channels at will. Only available channels will be shown, no empty channels to flick through!

  • Our technicians will install and operate your event to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch!

Silent conference headphones and receiver in use

Learn more about the benefits of Silent Conference and what we can do to bring your event to the next level.

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