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Silent Conference

Multiple Presentations.
One Space.

Create a dynamic conference experience.

 Silent Conference equipment allows multiple presentations to take place simultaneously in the same space without noise interference.

Download our PDF e-brochure​:

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Why choose Silent Conference?

Silent conference allows you to do more with less

Silent conference allows you to do more with less.

  • More presentations.

  • More speakers.

  • More languages.

  • All in one space.

Silent conference creates dynamic, user-driven experiences

Silent conference creates

dynamic, user-driven experiences.

  • Delegates choose which channel/presentation to listen to.

  • Switch across multiple channels instantly for a seamless experience.

  • Cut out the distractions and background noise for full immersion.

Silent conference makes the most of your time and space

Silent conference makes the most of your time and space.

  • Opens options for more creative use of space.

  • Give speakers more time to deliver quality content.

  • Host events without worrying about noise restrictions.

Discover how Silent Conference can transform your event

Talk to one of our producers about what silent conference breakout solutions could bring to your event.

Our Solution

Up to 32 channels

Up to 32 channels

With the largest channel selection in Australia, our solution can support conferences and events of any size.

Expert support and advice

Expert support and advice

Our highly qualified staff will be there to support you throughout the event, from set-up to pack-down. With our support, you can rest easy knowing an expert is always on standby.

Uninterrupted audio

Uninterrupted audio

Our silent conferencing solutions deliver digital audio quality for more than 200 hours meaning delegates never miss a beat.

Long battery life

Long battery life

Our infrared pocket receivers receive a full charge from the charging units after 105 minutes. A fully charged battery can last 200 hours.

Superior audio quality

Superior audio quality

Our state-of-the-art infrared audio system combined with premium BOSCH headphones means that delegates always receive clear digital audio quality without interference.

Unlimited customisations

Unlimited customisation

Our Silent conference equipment can be set up in all kinds of venues across all kinds of layouts. Make the most of your space while giving delegates a premium experience.

You don’t just have to take our word for it. Listen to what our customers are saying after experiencing the difference.

“Such a fun and unique way to experience what would be an otherwise ‘conventional’ presentation. I can’t wait to do this for the next one!”

— Technical Director, Xerocon

Case Studies

We understand that all silent conferencing experiences are different. Our list of case studies will help you decide which silent solution fits your event from silent presentations to silent tours.

Salesforce silent conference


Xero silent conference 2017


Schneider electric silent conference

Schneider Electric

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